You can download a template to use for designing with the link below. Remember that when you upload your artwork to the editor, you need to remove this mask layer from the artwork you are uploading. We need the bleed to ensure solid coverage on your glove! This should be used for sizing and placement purposes for file design only. The sizing and placement in the editor on our site is what we will go by! Please have artwork at a minimum of 72 DPI at full size. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!


Click Here for Template

Designing around the knuckles is a tough thing to do! Everybody has different size hands that bend in different spots, but… if you are dead set on giving it a try here is a template that ROUGHLY translates knuckle position inside the glove. If you want something to be visible when you make a fist it needs to be just below the black line. Ovals are approximate knuckle location. We modeled this off of one of our hands so it is NOT UNIVERSAL, therefore USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, WE MAKE NO GUARANTEE OF ALIGNMENT TO KNUCKLES. Your flat glove will look just as it does on screen in the designer, once it’s on your hand, there are too many variables to control.


Click Here for Knuckle Template